Viktoria Kis took the victory in Assen

Viktoria Kis took the victory in Assen

Viktória Kis , won the second round of the European Women ‘s Cup.  

The legendary TT Circuit Assen hosted the second round of European Women’s Cup last weekend. 

Laura Rodriguez missed the race, so the fight was among three, Avalon Biddle, Viktória Kis and Anastassia KovalenkoAvalon was very motivated after her great race in Motorland , and that motivation  noted on track. Kiwi girl had a brilliant start and at the first lap she was already eighth. She kept fighting in the top ten until that six laps to go, when she was she was racing seventh , she lost the front and crashed out . She came back on to pick up points at the Women Class, where finally she was third and scored 16 points, finishing 25th overall. She remains as leader at the European Women’s Cup.  

With Biddle’s crash, Kis, who was whole race fighting for 21 position, took the victory at Women Class. Anastassia Kovalenko was 23rd. 

Viktória Kis: “Bitter sweet victory. We had such a great race, and I’m happy I could improve my best laptime, but still need much more. I’m sorry Avalon had a crash, but also happy for the podium. I hope in Imola we can battle for that 1st position finally”. 

Maria Costello: “Congratulations to Viktória Kis for winning the Women’s European Junior Cup. 2nd place went to Anastassia Kovalenko despite having limited time learning this track after an off in qualifying and Avalon Biddle slipped off whilst in seventh place overall but remounted and claimed 3rd place in the Women’s Cup”.

Motociclismo Femenino

Foto: The Bike Insurer (podium)

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