Avalon Biddle achieves first victory at the European Women’s Cup

Avalon Biddle achieves first victory at the European Women's Cup

Kiwi girl made ​​a brilliant race winning at the Women Class and taking her first overall points finishing 13rd.

The European Women ‘s Cup kicked off this weekend at Motorland Aragon. This championship share grid with Pata European Junior Cup. Among thirty riders, four female riders, Anastassia Kovalenko (Estonia), Avalon Biddle (Nieuw Zeeland), Laura Rodríguez (Switzerland) en Viktoria Kis (Hungary).

Avalon showed what faster she is, taking women’s pole position. Once the lights turned off it was a crash at the first corner, luckily none of the girls was involved , but it made Avalon lost some places and had to overcome. Lap by lap she won positions until finally crossed the finish line 13rd getting three important overall points and taking the victory at Women Class. Anastassia Kovalenko had problems with setting whole weekend, but at the race she got to feel more comfortable. She was second. Laura Rodríguez, the youngest rider showed great improving. It was a pity for Viktória Kis, who had a crash after a rider touch her when she was climbing positions.

Avalon Biddle: “I’m pretty happy to come away with the victory in the women’s class, it’s my first race competing at this level so I really nervous coming into the weekend and thinking don’t crash, which is unusual for me but I wanted to score the points for the Women’s Championship and that’s what I did. I was hoping for a top-ten overall and finished 13th, there was a big crash at the start and I ran wide and lost a few positions so had to pass the rest of the girls and make my way back up. I’m looking forward to Assen and hopefully a top-ten”.

Maria Costello (coach): “I’m very happy, Avalon Biddle was first at the European Women ‘s Cup with a fantastic 13rd place, behind her Anastassia Kovalenko en Laura Rodríguez. It was sad Viktoria Kis’ crash when shw was racing 18th. Definitely it was a great weekend”.

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