And they got the points, Malaysian GP

Y llegaron los puntos, GP de Malasia

Ana Carrasco enters history as the first Spanish to rate on a global and as the fourth woman.

El espectacular trazado de Sepang He has witnessed the feat Ana Carrasco It has achieved this weekend, with three proofs for final.

On Friday Mother had the first contact with this complicated circuit, where the difficulty of the track is mixed with the requirement of physical level by weather.

In Timed , the track was wet and Mother did a great job keeping practically all training within the top ten, but as the track was drying, was losing positions to keep the twentieth place.

The race was hard extremedamente, in the first step for the finish line of Team Calvo lost some positions, but without slumping group. Lap by lap progressed positions, until with seven laps to go he was placed in 15th position in the points. The rest of the race was spent fighting with Isaac Viñales for taking 14th place, but ultimately 15th his best qualifying of the season and his first point.

With what happened this weekend, Ana Carrasco Read story, as the first Spanish to rate on a global and accompanying mythical Taru Rinne, Tomoko Igata and Katja Poensgen in the history of women motorcycle.

Mother has shown that he has used his time and has learned a lot from its passage through the world, hopefully have the opportunity to continue learning and evolving.

Ana Carrasco: I think I've become very good race and I'm very happy. At first it took me a little, I have seen many falls and I preferred to take it easy. After it has cost me much up positions, but when there were about six laps I've put first group. At the end, on the last lap I have passed, but I got my first point in the World, It was one of my goals and I'm super happy. Now we have to keep working as hard and get many more.

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