Victoria Alcalá gets to the podium

Victoria Alcalá se queda a las puertas del podio

Last Day 26 June was held at the Circuit de Tabernas (Almería) the second test of the Andalusian Speed ​​Championship. The pilot Almeria circuit in which over two years since I rolled faced, marking the first time with Kawasaki ZX6R.

During Friday practice and in the absence of a few minutes to finalize the first timed, Kawasaki engine stopped working. There was no time to fix it for the measured, But something happened that only happens in regional championships, where everyone is known and help each other. Victoria managed to lend him an engine serial, enough to go out there and get points.

The bike was just ready to pass the checks and get out on track. The pilot managed a penultimate position in the first timed and seventh place in the second, marking his fastest lap 1.46 low, That put her in the fourth row, tenth on the grid.

The Sunday race, Victoria was tracing, it marked his best time on lap (1.44.5). The pilot would be placed in a position to podium (third), but a mistake in the last corner the eventually relegated to fourth place, taking thirteen points that lie in the penultimate position classification, a total of thirty-one points, just one point from its predecessor (Cayetano Sánchez) and an eleven on the chase pilot, M. Angel (El Niño)

“It was a tough race, left far behind and it took me trace. I want to thank my team and especially all the people of Almería that has moved to the circuit to show their support. In Jerez we can fight for the podium, Today I've been so close, that I will not be out of it”

Published 07/07/2011

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