Victoria Alcalá part in the KTM European Junior Cup

Victoria Alcalá participa en la KTM European Junior Cup

The pilot of Córdoba Heritage participated this weekend's race KTM European Junior Championships.

Alcaniz circuit has been commissioned to host the KTM European Junior Cup, Championship to be played with by the SBK Championship.

Victoria Alcalá it was difficult in the first free, because they did not know the Aragón circuit. In the timed got good feelings and get down to eight seconds, still having some problems with the gearbox. Finally got the seventeenth on the grid.

Once in career, problems in their gearshift persisted and Almeria career spent fighting at every turn with false deadlocks that sometimes made him go along. But shortly after the race, Victoria accustomed to a hard driving his KTM, did you get the push he needed to overtake some riders and cross the finish line in the same position that started, Seventeenth.

A great experience for Victoria, which has lived with great enthusiasm. Hopefully it can be speedily on the bike again.

Published 01/07/2012

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