Victoria Alcalá finished seventh in a tough race

Victoria Alcalá finaliza séptima en una dura carrera

Victoria came to the first race of the season dragging an injured right scapula. The Saturday before the timed went to hospital Guadix circuit, circuit hosted the first round of CAV. There he pinned his shoulder. The pilot took to the track and began shooting in stride, and he felt pain in his arm. Gradually the pain disappeared from the minds of Victoria and got classified, but like I said the pain just disappeared from his mind and late arrivals effort took its toll on the Almeria.

El Córdoba Patrimonio de la Humanidad se reunió con la piloto para ver como se encontraba y poder escoger la mejor estrategia para la carrera. Victoria wanted to run, so knowing we enter the points safe, they decided not to risk.

The Sunday race started from last place on the grid and once the lights went out, he let her go, thus it would not be involved in any fall. As if it were a miracle it started to rain and the race was stopped. He finished seventh.

For the second race the team led by Luis Castro had to modify the deposit Kawasaki for Victoria not to drop the weight on the arm. The same strategy was followed, but Victoria was very sore. With two laps arm he played a trick and went straight, getting back on track and finish the race.

Victoria's strength and cunning of Córdoba Heritage were key to be eighteen very important points. The team prioritized the health of the pilot and is fought by the team, definitely a group effort to admire.

“I want to thank the whole team work, We are like a family. We also thank the Guadix circuit which always worried about my health condition. The next race is in Tabernas, I do not think that is the 100%, but I'll be there to catch the maximum points”

Published 28/06/2011

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