“A mixture of excitement and fear in equal parts with an aftertaste excitation”

"Una mezcla de emoción y temor a partes iguales con un regusto de excitación"

Ainhoa ​​premiered for the first time just over two years ago and did nothing more and nothing less than the second anniversary of the Racing Girls. Lo hacía a lomos de una FZ6 fazer S2 limitada y en el circuito de aAlbacete. The Basque took almost a year with his bike and had done many miles, when I made the decision to not only enter but do circuit 758km separating Donosti Albacete with his bike.

“He had incredible nerves and a brand new leathers yesterday. Just before going to roll… debate: ¿The deslimito?? Eventually we talking among few decide they, but then we found the right tool, so silky as it entered, with the stop on the accelerator.

First we explain the circuit, marches, drawn and such, algo que a mí no me servía de mucho llevándola limitada y no siendo R. Entramos todo el grupo a pista detrás del monitor, tras la primera vuelta de reconocimiento de cada persona detrás del monitor, started shooting, there and I realized that this group was not for me, it was going too slow, even for a novice like me.

The next round was reversed. You you wore in front of the monitor and you were throwing, so then he corrected you. Good, I played as footrest and the monitor quite frightened and gave me a little anger.”

That was the second and final round, because it started to hail the track and the track was untreatable and Ainhoa ​​was leaving for home very disappointed. But he soon returned to settle its outstanding features Albacete circuit and also at night. This time batches were free but levels, went into slow.

“The feeling to enter without having to monitor went ahead amazing. You are in the middle of a track 10 meter wide asphalt to yourself and the feeling is indescribable. A mixture of excitement and fear in equal parts with an aftertaste excitation. On the track had been placed cones marking the drawn, for what paquetillos as. The temperature was about 25 degrees at night nice, but without the sweltering sun deslumbrándote. La pista estaba perfectamente iluminada por los focos en contraste con el fondo nocturno. Respecto a rodar de noche, thoroughly recommended. At least in this circuit. La única cosa a destacar es que en algún tramo de la pista los focos superpuestos me hicieron pensar que alguien iba a adelantarme y era mi propia sombra -me explica entre risas-.

The first course helped me learn me good track. In the second gave me a monitor wheel, increasing increasing pace and then happened again. The footrests and that he had removed advertisers. In a acabét curve ocando footrest, boot and almost head, so I left pissed off track with my poor Fazer. It's obviously not a sport bike and slash before the R, so after a chat with my good friend and fellow traveler, I decided to go alone to track and focus on test “posturitas” for not rubbing go all out. Gradually I was picking up more and more and what at first seemed to me really strange, became second nature. My lap timer also said he was improving every lap times and batch to batch, así que cada vez iba más contenta y más rápido en la moto. Y llego el momento, in the giant left-hander Albacete circuit, which gives you time to change several times posture, I touched her knee. I know it's not the end, nor the goal of riding a bike, but only moter @ @ knows how it feels when you notice the asphalt knee scratch you first .

There were even two rounds and went over the moon and adrenaline. It's amazing the feeling of getting off the bike after a good route or shot and you shake all. Hay pocas emociones que se le parezcan. Tras la rodada la gente con la que salía a rutear me comento que se me notaba mucho mas suelta encima de la moto. I also noticed me safer, without fear of touching anything, knowing that changing a little the position on the bike, it comes more easily in the curve.”

If you want to practice something with your bike or learning to take road, make use of the circuit, for that are.

Published 9/06/2011

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