An unfortunate departure from Jerez Victoria Alcalá successfully

Una desafortunada Victoria Alcalá sale de Jerez con buenos resultados

Jerez, received last weekend's third round of the Championship Andalusian Velocidad.Victoria eager Alcalá came after the last race, but bad luck will accompany again.

On Friday practice, Kawasaki engine turned his break and again had to face the race with a standard engine.

On Saturday the timed got the fourteenth place on the grid with many problems in the suspension. The Córdoba Heritage worked hard, Almeria but still encountered some problems in the first round, where he finished sixth.

The Sunday race team managed to put the bike up, but the lack of top speed made the pilot had to recover lost positions curve straight. Finally he finished seventh with a time of 1'53.

“Again I faced a race series engine. I want to thank again to let me go the engine to race and especially to thank my team for my bike trying to be competitive despite knowing the disadvantages we had with the rest”

Definitely a great fighter, knowing the problems that comes to track the Almeria does not shrink and get good results considering the circumstances facing.

Currently in sixth place in the overall tied to the pilot that precedes it, just nine points behind third place.

We are looking forward to the time when Victoria is at the 100% and have your bike ready, as it has shown to have potential to be fighting at the top.

Published 25/09/2011

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