A breakdown finishes with dakariano dream of Rosa Romero

Una avería acaba con el sueño dakariano de Rosa Romero

The pilot Sicart Team had to leave because of engine failure on his Yamaha.

Rosa Romero has said goodbye to Dakar 2014. The pilot Motorcycle Sicart Team I was forced to leave yesterday in the middle of the fifth stage, when his motorcycle Yamaha WR 450F I stopped by a technical failure. All attempts were in vain and fix Pink I had to say goodbye for the third time adventure dakariana.

Your engine Yamaha WR 450F ceded in the middle of the dunes and when the thermometer temperature over 45 ° C. Pink I had traveled around 170 kilometers of the fifth stage and, in its passage through the waypoint 3, appeared in 89th position. Just lacked 40 km to reach the goal and face the last stage before the rest day, scheduled for Saturday.

Nonetheless, does not lose the moral consciousness and claims to have rather quiet. Your backpacking Salido, it will not leave her alone for a moment, also decided to abandon the attempt to end the Dakar 2014.

Rosa Romero: The engine could not stand the heat and broke. Then we saw that there was no solution and that it was best to ask that rescued me. I was evacuated by helicopter, over runway, vi all: burned motorcycles, rough riders, overturned cars… more than a race seemed Vietnam. I was dehydrated and drank 4 the 5 water followed camelbacks. Un médico de la organización me confesó que nunca había visto nada igual. Ha sido una verdadera lástima acabar de esta forma, after how much I've suffered these last two stages. I slept in the open, last cold, hunger, but, dream, calor… pero todavía me encontraba con fuerzas de seguir adelante. Me siento orgullosa de cómo lo he hecho. I'm glad my navigation and endurance. In no time he had thought of throwing in the towel and was convinced to reach, least, to step off. The important thing is that neither Alberto Salido nor I have hurt. We must not forget that this is merely a career and not worth risking their lives.

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