A piston complicates the weekend to Paola Ramos

Un pistón le complica el fin de semana a Paola Ramos

Paola Ramos ended tenth and eleventh overall, thus achieving a seventh place in its category, where he was the first race of the season.

This weekend marked the start of Catalan Cup Promovelocitat in Circuit Alcarrás and with it, the first race Paola Ramos as federated.

On the day of free Paola It was very quick, but just when challenging the timing and earn a good place on the grid, broke Engine, which caused his departure from the eighth and final tenth place.

In the first heat rolled in a group of four and went through tenth goal line, getting back eight positions. In the second, He made a great start and after the first corner was already twelfth, where he remained throughout the race, struggling to overcome the pilot who preceded him,but this perfectly closed the gaps and although Paola had more pace, not achieved until the last lap pass. He finished eleventh. Two results that place it in the seventh place overall in its category.

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