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Ana Carrasco se despide de la temporada con una octava plaza Leave a comment Read more »

Ana Carrasco sees off the season with an eighth place

The Cehegín gets an eighth place starring in a great battle in Valencia Gp. After the Asian tour, el Campeonato del Mundo ponía punto y final en Valencia. Ana Carrasco llegaba a la cita muy motivada, después de conseguir su primer punto y

Y llegaron los puntos, GP de Malasia Leave a comment Read more »

And they got the points, Malaysian GP

Ana Carrasco enters history as the first Spanish to rate on a global and as the fourth woman. El espectacular trazado de Sepang ha sido testigo de la hazaña que Ana Carrasco ha conseguido este fin de semana, a falta de tres pruebas para

Ana Carrasco presenta batalla en el GP de Catalunya Leave a comment Read more »

Ana Carrasco presents Battle at the GP of Catalunya

Murcia has spent more than half the race fighting with Baldassarri, once he escaped, He fought with the group running twenty-second. This weekend Ana Carrasco to the second world finals faced at home, stage, Circuit of Catalonia. Como cada

Ana Carrasco y las dificultades de Mugello Leave a comment Read more »

Ana Carrasco and difficulties in Mugello

Ana Carrasco finished in the twenty-sixth, after struggling throughout the race to defend the position. This weekend the world came to Italy, Mugello, where the first days of training were cold and rainy. On Friday Ana rolled water well,…

 Ana Carrasco finaliza decimonovena en el GP de Francia Leave a comment Read more »

Ana Carrasco finished nineteenth in the French GP

The pilot of Team Calvo gets the nineteenth position in a difficult race for the state track. The World has come this weekend at Le Mans Bugatti Circuit. Un circuito en el que las carreras del mundial suelen darse en

Ana Carrasco se va la suelo en la primera carrera de casa Leave a comment Read more »

Ana Carrasco leaves the ground at the first home race

The pilot of Team Calvo went to the ground unable to avoid ramming with driver ahead of him, who had stopped her bike. The Circuito de Jerez has hosted this weekend the third round of the World. La primera

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