No women no money

Sin mujeres no hay dinero

All federations have to be at least 3 women or 33% of female presence on the board.

The Sports Council just put up an ambitious plan to improve participation and outcomes in women's top sport. A plan that is accompanied by a budget of one million euros. The federations have to rely much more on women. The presence of women in sports management in Spain does not even reach 5 percent, un dato que choca frontalmente con los grandes resultados deportivos en la alta competición.

Definitely a great initiative by the CSD, but there is always that thorn in knowing that these additions will not lose exclusively by public funds. Are women prepared and qualified they were actually chosen to fill these posts? or do you simply occupy these spaces are to comply with the requirement established by the Sports Council? Anyway, either way, sure this will be a step forward and the beginning of change.

Below is the link of the report made we leave for Focus TD (TVE) of María Escario and in collaboration with Ana Muñoz, Director General of Sports CSD = tve

Female Motorcycle

Source: TVE

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