Clearly, rolling in circuit is the best way to make the most of your bike

Sin duda, rodar en circuito es la mejor forma de disfrutar al máximo de tu moto

Maria del Mar is a alicantina of 28 passionate years of motorcycles.

His passion began at age thirteen when he suffered a motorcycle accident in which he would like “package”. It is strange to say that at that time began his passion, but is that what made him decide that he would never get on a bike unless it was she who lead.

The Alicante spent his adolescence on a moped until she met her husband is now. The two were amateurs, but none had never had a high-powered bike, so after marrying given away one CBR600RR quickly change a CBR1000RR

Mar just get the card at the time of the last acquisition and still could not catch, but he was dying.

During Holy Week 2009 Anthony, her husband, had hired a roll in the circuit of Albacete, but just the day before was a sprained ankle as he explained to Mar was going to call to cancel, this occurred to him that could finally ride the bike, so she told her husband not cancel anything,she who would be rolling. What a first, a 1000cc without having conducted before.

” I was really scary to think like me unfold with gearshift, knock on curves and stuff, since I had never picked up a bike with these characteristics. My only experience was with the motorcycle driving school, una custom 250cc, so constantly gave me to think that I was perhaps precipitating, but thanks to the encouragement and confidence that conveyed my husband, tiré para delante. It was a blast, estaba alucinada, I tired a lot, but sticks to taste not hurt”

At present, Mar owns a R6 2005 with whom he is pleased, He has already filmed at circuits like Jerez, Alcarrás and a few in Cartagena, siempre junto a su marido, who is lucky enough to share their hobby.

“I recommend going into circuit because it is safer, no obstacles, gives you more confidence and check out where the boundaries are. You learn to knock, to slip on the bike, to trace and brake correctly. Definitely the best way to make the most of your bike”

What better way to enjoy a hobby that's who want…

Published 19/02/2011

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