“If you are a novice starts with a small, There is time for everything”

"Si eres novata empieza por una pequeña, hay tiempo para todo"

Nine years ago Sonia (Panteranegra) he decided to change bikes, had a CB250, which had already outgrown to enjoy long routes. Again and how many other Catalan faced the problem of height (1,49cm), something that complicated the search, until your mechanic introduced him to what is now his bike ,una Hornet 600FS, Black and semicarenada. He loved and commitment of its mechanic reduce it helped him finish convince.

I started to take it with platform shoes until I got to it. Despite weighing more than 200 kg, I've never had problems, at first a fall in standing but it is

In these nine years, Sonia has made a 90.000 Km, between trips, Circuit tickets and tours to work.

It's advise anyone looking for a comfortable bike and practice, with which to get around town, make any trip or even put it in circuit without any problem. Tiene un motor muy duro y es muy fácil de hacer el mantenimiento, I myself would change the oil and filters

Sonia recognizes that can be used in circuit, but really fell short in engine, brakes and stability, so he bought a Daytona for circuit. Another thing he does not like is the lack of the fuel, the manual valve booking is uncomfortable.

“From here I want to encourage all girls. If you like a motorcycle, id go for it, the small one is not a problem, you can always adapt the bike to the rider and the bike rider. Love is power, I will say a smallish. Yes, if you are novice, starts with a small to have time for everything”

Published 31/05/2011

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1 Comment to “If you are a novice starts with a small, There is time for everything”

  1. Erika

    Hola, me estoy planteando comprarme mi primera moto de marchas, durante bastante tiempo he andado con scooter por la ciudad, pero mi cuerpo me pide algo mas grande. Soy muy muy fan de kawasaki, sobre todo de la ninja, pero al no tener experiencia he pensado en comprarme una de 2a mano de 125cc. alguien me podria aconsejar alguna moto para empezar?

    Mil gracias!

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