It can be a woman, beautiful and fast

Se puede ser mujer, guapa y rápida

They have taken two years to acknowledge this, but eventually Leslie Porterfield is, with 374 km / h achieved in Salt Lake City, officially the current holder of the women's world speed record.

Natural de Dallas, Texas, Leslie began with motorbikes to 16 years old. He bought his first motorcycle to his neighbor 200 dollars with most of his pieces in a separate box. Reviews acquaintances, who said they could never fly "it", Leslie motivated to fix your bike and drive it for years. Thus began his love for the world of two wheels, a passion that eventually, as has herself, has become life.

The story of Leslie Poterfield can serve as an example for all women who love the world of motorcycles.

His greatest achievement
But talk about his record. He succeeded in Bonneville in 2008, when he put his bike 232,522 mph (374 km/h). Thus snatched achieving Marcia Holley, motocross pilot had been maintained for 30 years as the fastest woman in the world. Although Leslie points out: “Holley succeeded his mark with an aerodynamic motorcycle, for me it was a great milestone beat his record with a conventional bike”. For it was amazing break the world record in its category and recognizes that was deeply moved when he got.

Even so, It has taken two years to standardize the record. The curators of the Guinness Book of Records were not very fast to review all documentation that credited the feat of Porterfield. The bureaucracy seems not to understand border ...

The recipe to reach 370 km/h
Leslie says he could have reached the 386 mph (240 mph), but I had a problem with a connecting rod broke… Although as we have noted, It is a very brave and woman in love with motorcycles, and so break the barrier arises from the 400 km/h (250 mph). We are talking about speeds that require a particularly powerful bike. Porterfield used a Suzuki Hayabusa year 2002 turbocharged and rise to 2.000 cc. His pit crew applied many modifications to the engine, changed the chassis geometry, included a clutch lock MTC Technologies and reduced weight wheels riding carbon fiber brand BST. With all this equipment, the bike reaches 500 Hp.

But these numbers not only has the bike, but also the leads. Leslie, like any other driver, trains regularly to keep fit. “With those speeds, everything happens very fast. I always center in the position of my body and everything about the bike”, ensures. Whenever he is on it also controls the information in instrumentation to make sure everything goes correctly. So you can monitor engine temperature, oil pressure, revolutions, fuel ratio as the air and much more. So that, when going launched to mark a record speed, is quite busy controlling all witnesses and instruments.

But sometimes, even if you are aware of everything, not being exempt from a fall. All sports have an associated risk and Leslie knows it. In 2007, when I was trying to beat the mark of Marcia Holley, he fell to 170 km/h (110 mph). Seven ribs with perforation of one lung was broken and was quite affected. Had to be evacuated by helicopter Bonneville. It was a great physical setback, but recovered and went back up to a bike to get records. As she herself states: “He could not let fear my goals abridged”.

The ideal scenario
Finally he was able to overcome all this and get several milestones in the global. One was the fact of being the first woman entered the Club of 200 mph de Bonneville. Leslie was a great honor to be a pioneer in joining the club, for he had been dominated by men for their 60 years of existence. And that Bonneville has something special for lovers of speed. It is a salt desert northwest Utah, with an extension of 412 km2, where sprints are performed for almost a century ago. According Porterfield, there is no other place that has enough distance to run top speed for several miles. Yet it is a challenge to set a record there, as the salt surface is very slippery, almost like sand. It is a test for the bike and the rider the fact of getting a good average speed in a mile. And with this passion for speed Leslie shares with many other brokers Bonneville, is not surprising that the favorite movie of running there is Burt Munro. A dream, a legend. In this film the story of Munro explained, a New Zealander who got beat in that scenario the speed record on a motorcycle less than 1.000 cc, a record that has not yet been overcome.

Latest news
But back to Leslie. 2008 was one of the best years of his career: he won a record and also the AMA awarded him the prize for the best driver of the year. Now, although it is still closely related to the world of speed and although Bonneville feels like home, also involved in some other race and not discarded more involved in the field of competition. Porterfield loyal fan of Valentino Rossi declared, says it is his hero and for this reason it is still in MotoGP.

But neither forgets Superbike, motocross or trial. She is a woman who lives for motorbikes. Has recently been chosen by the FIM, with the pilot trial Laia Sanz and French Livia Lancelot, competing in motocross, as an example to follow in its campaign to promote motorcycling among women. Leslie is an honor to be part of this campaign, because he likes that females enjoy with motorcycles and is also pleased with the fact that more girls every year pilot. We do not know either personally Laia or Livia, but who knows about their achievements, Qualifying incredible. "They're a great role model and an inspiration to other women". Leslie hopes to meet them at the feast of the FIM in Portugal this year.

Recently we have seen starring in an advertising campaign to promote his latest BMW superbike, BMW S 1000 RR. This is a photo shoot done by Markus Hofmann Aerodynamic Test Centre in Munich. Therein, Leslie appears beside the bike with models of Karl Lagerfeld, Marcel Ostertag and Thomas Kirchgrabner. Apparently they tried to hire a top model, but they declined the offer considering the wind tunnel something "potentially dangerous". And for this reason Porterfield ended up being the star of this campaign, and the truth is not lacking attributes, it notes that in his youth once worked as a model.

As immediate future projects, Porterfield said that this year will attempt to overcome his Bonneville speed record and will probably do with a new and different bike. Sure to be an interesting challenge. Does not rule out returning to Europe to set some records in the Old Continent. And in turn arises go to Australia to seek a record there next year. It is clear that the girl loves to travel ... to see if someday we see around here willing to reach some of his exploits.

Published 9/05/2010


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