Sara Sánchez one talented runner

Sara Sánchez una subcampeona con mucho talento

Sara Sánchez Tamayo is the current runner Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship and Championship Motodes in the category of 80cc and 80cc Chalenguer, respectively .All began when the Magi brought a quad, seven years, from there he went to a dirt bike and soon began to compete in speed on a 50cc Metrakit. Currently in its fourth year competing, gradually through the different categories.

This year he decided to make the jump to the 125cc class, disputing the Cradle of Champions (Bankia) and Motodes, shared barbecue championships. Last July, the second race of the championships was held on the circuit of Albacete, Catalan came eager, since in the previous race he crashed did not allow him to finish.

In free Saturday gotta go down times to get a 1:43,530, staying about two seconds of the fastest. At the end of the day, his father and mechanical, detected that the water pump had broken, so all afternoon spent fixing it to go to the timesheets on Sunday.

In the first lap the pilot did not roll very comfortable, his best time 1:44,122. In the second lap I knew I had to improve that time, since even on Saturday had rolled faster. Sara honed his driving mode and got down almost a second, marked 1:43,211,a time that gave the thirteenth place on the grid.

The lights turned off, in the first round regained a position, but was brought forward and stalled, until with six laps to go, came up and managed to cross the line tenth goal. That gave him sixth in Bankia, taking ten points that lie in tenth position in the classification. In Motodes, was eighth, up eight points and fifteenth in the general.

“At checkout I was pretty nervous, I do not do well with 125cc outputs. In other races out was bad and then played traced much, but this time I managed to do better, I know I can improve. The next race in Cartagena, I hope it goes better and see if we can get on the podium”

It's a matter of adaptation, you'll see that soon you come to be up, encouragement!

Published 31/07/2011



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