Sara Sánchez invited to selection for the Red Bull Rookies Cup

Sara Sánchez invitada a la selección para la Red Bull Rookies Cup

The appointment of a selection program for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup will take place between the 8 and 11 October, in the circuit of Monteblanco (Huelva) and for many young talents will be given the opportunity to meet the selection committee.

In parallel, development Rookies KTM Moto3 version which will replace the 125cc bikes 2013 continues to advance rapidly.

With the growing number of applications, the selection committee has had a huge job and finally selected 106 young drivers from around the world, those who have been invited to attend Monteblanco to show their talent. The name of the circuit that hosts this first phase of the selection process has been kept secret as long as possible and testing at the Spanish circuit are logically prohibited for candidates until the selection tests are conducted.

The circuit offers a variety of mapped to allow pilots show their talent on board Metrakit 125cc to be used for the event. The list of candidates will be divided into two groups that have their own turn consecutively the first and second day. The best drivers of each day will be called to participate in the third and final day of testing.

At the end of the last day, ten to fourteen riders will be invited to participate in the Rookies Cup 2013, and together with the 10-14 selected pilot edition 2012, the selection committee shall draw up a list of all 24 fill the grid pilots of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2013.

Members of the Selection Committee are Gustl Auinger, Harald Bartol, Peter Clifford and Daniel Ribalta.

Spanish riders are invited:

Aron Canet

Fernando González Cardus
The evening Fernández
Augusto Fernández
Hector Garzo Vicent
Oscar Gutierrez Iglesias
Joan Mir Mayrata
Marc González Miralles
Francesc Pérez Casas
Miquel Pons Payeras
Borja Martínez Quero
Gerard River Malé
Saez Daniel Gutierrez
Bartolome Sanchez Perez
Sara Sánchez Tamayo
Sanchis David Martinez
As Pedro Soler

Published 09/10/2012

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