Sara Sanchez gets third place in Alcarràs

The Gironella, after a complicated weekend, climbed to the third step of the podium.

Sara_Sanchez_CMV2012_Alcarras_2This weekend the Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship was played at the circuit Alcarrás. Sara came to this race after having had many complications in the disputed World Cup earlier in Montmelo.

Saturday was presented with an autumnal chill all taken by surprise. The temperature of the track and some problems with your Pre- Moto3 not let her off the 1'45”.

On Sunday timed, Sara was done with the third place on the grid, but also suffered an engine failure and a small contracture on his back. The team worked around the clock to that Catalan could go out on track.

Sara made a bad start and surely that's where he ran the race lead. During the first few laps he struggled to rid pilot Tracker, who put things difficult, but once I passed the meridian of the race, the pilot had taken a big lead and began to roll solo. Finally crossed the finish line third, a well-deserved place.


Noelia Keys, fémina another championship, was not so lucky. The pilot started from last place on the grid and as the laps went by it was closer to his predecessor pilot. The little acceleration of his bike he played tricks, since the Catalan getting cut differences, but on the rise before the end of line, I saw that all the effort it did not help to achieve. The desperation of Noelia, knowing that I could achieve, made him grit his teeth and risking the most, aprovechando el encuentro con una Pre- Moto3. The play went well and finally crossed the line ahead of him, quedando en la séptima posición de su categoría.

The next meeting will take place on 7 October in Montmelo

Published 04/09/2012

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