Sara Román Reserve Champion Castilla y León proclaimed in Minimotos Protos

Sara Román se proclama Subcampeona de Castilla y León en Minimotos Protos

Madrid stands with the subtitle of Castilla y León in Minimotos Protos podium after winning eleven of fourteen possible.

The Championship Castilian Leonés Minimotos this weekend came to an end, stage, the Circuit Karpetania in Valladolid.

Sara Romanian came as ranked second overall with nineteen points ahead of his pursuer, Ruben Amezquita. The aim was clear, get Subcampeonato.

In the timed escaped her pole, recordemos que ha conseguido salir desde la primera plaza de la parrilla en cinco ocasiones, of the seven possible. This weekend went 2nd.

In the first race, was placed in first position after the lights go off. For three turns with the wheel turned to David Cruz very attached to it, Roman did not want to take chances and let him lead the group to pull him and take away with the other. They ended up going very plastered finish line, with a second place for Sara, well take over the lap.

In the second race was very similar, but this time David could open space, since the motorbike of Madrid started giving problems, so he decided not to tighten again and settle for second place.

These are the numbers Sara Romanian:

  • 11 podiums 14 possible
  • 2 Win
  • 6 second places
  • 3 third
  • 5 poles de 7 possible

Definitely a flawless championship. Congratulations Sara!

Sara Romanian: Also finished the championship with two good races, a quick spin, y un fin de semana muy divertido. Empecé este año con muchísimas ganas y yo creo que los resultados conseguidos han sido muy buenos. Tengo que dar las gracias a mucha gente por esta temporada, but especially parents amis, they are who really make this possible. my fellow grill, to Federation of Castilla y León, to the Circuit Karpetania and Bizetamotor. Thank you all for your support and now it think of the last of the Spain Cup Minimotos.

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