Sara Román rises with victory in the Leonine Castilian Championship

Sara Román se alza con la victoria en el Campeonato Castellano Leonés

Sara Román climbs to the top of the podium in Miminotos Protos.

This weekend the third round of Castilian Leonés Championship was played in FK1 Circuit in Valladolid.

Sara Roman participates in the category of Minimotos Protos, where it has not stopped the podium all season.

In free, Sara had problems with his bike and could just roll, but once fixed, that was not a problem for the timed got the third pole of the season, three races, three poles, seems that the first place on the grid has your name.

In the first race, Sara laid down the law and from the first shot alone in first position, seeing the checkered flag four seconds ahead with his pursuer.

The second race was a bit more complicated, marched first until the third lap the predecessor pilot forward and after a couple of laps, was again overwhelmed staying third. He entered finish line battling for second place but it was not possible, the race finished third, but his opponent was penalized for jumping the start, so in the end he scored as second.

Thus Sara gets his third podium and his first win of the season, his next race will be the same weekend in Spain Cup Mini Speed ​​Zuera.

Sara Romanian: I am very happy, winning has been a past. Now we must think of the premiere next week in the Cup of Spain and the new situation that live part of BZM team

Published 03/06/2013

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