Sara Román finished fourth in Castroponce

Sara Román finaliza cuarta en Castroponce

La madrileña acaba 4ª y 3ª en las respectivas mangas, which gives a 4th place in the calculation of the weekend.

This weekend was raced in Castroponce 6th test Championship Castilian Leonés Minimotos. The rain was the main protagonist, because although it rained on the day on Sunday, which is when timed dispute and careers, if he did on Saturday and that caused the layout vallisoletano run out of grip.

Due to the state of the track, Sara failed to meet quite comfortable and was ranked 5th on the grid. It was the first time I lost the pole position this season.

In the first race, Sara got placed 3rd in the first lap, where he shot up nearly half of the race, at which time was advanced. in the first moments Román tried to fight for the square, but then gave up and ended up rolling to finish fourth solo.

The second race was more fought, was placed closing the leading group in 4th place and after four laps, position earned him the predecessor pilot. The rest of the race fight hard to get second place, but eventually had to settle for 3rd place.

At the moment Sara 2nd is in general, the next 6 October ending championship Karpetania, where you have to defend the runner.

Sara Romanian: On Saturday we could only shoot in the morning because the afternoon did not stop raining. With rain on Sunday the track was very slippery early, so the clock and the first manga have been pretty bad. I did not feel comfortable and I preferred to think of pustos, luckily the second I was able to recover and finish the manga 3rd. At the end, I take a 4th place this weekend and the 2nd fastest time of the day, After a hilarious race

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