Sara Román tenth in Spain Cup Minivelocidad

Sara Román décima en la Copa de España de Minivelocidad

Madrid finished seventh in the overall standings.

This weekend the Spain Cup Minivelocidad traveling to Circuito de Albaida, where Sara Romanian has returned to action after the holiday period.

He managed to qualify tenth on the grid after stepping for the first time the Valencia track.

In the first lap of the first race Sara and the seventh was, but failed to contact the group and solo shot in the rest of the race, seeing the checkered flag in that position.

The second set was a little more intense, rolled closing a group of three , in ninth place. Sara was a predecessor wheel pilot can not find the hole where surpass it, so it ended ninth.

The two positions acquired gave the pilot BZM seventh place overall.

Este fin de semana la veremos de nuevo en Castroponce, disputing the Castilian Championship Leonés.

Sara Romanian: The truth is that I think the days of practice have fallen short, I have gone through a couple of corners and no time out. Concerning the race I am very happy with the result, seventh place is great.

Published 2/09/2013

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