Sara Romain gets his first points in Spain Cup Minivelocidad

Sara Román consigue sus primeros puntos en la Copa de España de Minivelocidad

Sara Román just the first test of Spain Cup Minivelocidad Master, with two eighths posts, in a weekend complicated by rain.

The RFME set in motion, last weekend, New Spain Cup Minivelocidad, in the circuit of Zuera.

Sara Román premiered in the championship race driver BMZ. The Madrid, it has not come down from the podium at the Leonine Castilian Championship, he encountered some difficult days in which I had to fight the rain.

In the timed managed to qualify in second last row, a place from which you are not accustomed to leaving.

In the first race, in the rain, was seen very cautious, rolled single whole race and finished eighth. In the second and it was a little more comfortable, but it did not help to improve, so in the end, two eighth positions that give him his first fourteen points which place eighth overall.

Sara Romanian: I'll fatal water, not given me any good, so I went to try to finish the race without falling and see them come. It is not the result I expected, but given the conditions of the race, are some very important points.

Published 11/06/2013

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