Sara Romain gets his second podium of the season

Sara Román consigue su segundo podio de la temporada

Sara Román repeated podium in the second race of the championship with a second place.

Karpetania Circuit has hosted this weekend's second round of Castilian Leonés Protos Minimotos Championship.

Sara, who had managed to get on the podium in second place, in the first test of the season faced this race with a lot of energy.

The Madrid made a spectacular day of workouts, in addition to take the pole position getting beat his own record (1’04″791).

The test consisted of two runs with a total of ten pilots forming grill.

In the first race, managed to maintain position after the departure, but with two little fulfilled laps, Young made a mistake leaving the door open tracker pilot. They rolled the whole race together and escaped, but could not get to put him wheel to fight for victory and crossed the finish line in second position.

In the second race, the struggle to lead the race started from the first corner. Sara struggled for a stint until finally placed first, leading a group of three riders. With three laps to finish, tracker driver won the position. The pilot rolled very attached and on the last lap, tried to surpass, but the rival closed the gaps well and Sara settled for second place.

Two races, two podiums (two second places) and two poles, reaffirming the second place in the standings with an advantage over the third. We definitely a champion of Minimotos.

Their next meeting will be 2 FK1 June at the Circuit de Valladolid.

Published 12/05/2013

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