Sara García podium at the Vespa Raid Maroc

Sara García sube al podio en el Vespa Raid Maroc

Zamora, after struggling with the wilderness and its tough opponents, got the third step of the podium and victory in females, where is his second participation in the Vespa Raid Maroc.

Last 26 October began on Vespa Raid Morocco. Thena test that takes various disciplines, one and the most important is the navigation, it does not win the most runs if not the security following the track marked by the organization, gets the highest number of WP without penalizing and passing all required controls. Speed ​​is not important, siendo la estrategia de cada piloto u equipo lo que les llevara etapa a etapa a alzarse con la victoria del raid.

The first three stages develop in the Atlas, stages are covered mountains majestic cedars and winding tracks through spectacular landscapes. The third stage is the shortest, so that from noon, all participants and organization to collect and upload to move to the desert (Hassilabied) where the last three steps are performed.

Sara García has starred in a sensational raid from start to finish. In the first two stages finished second, but some errors in the third stage, They made it lost a seat and placed third. After this and petty frustration at the tactics employed by its rivals, A strategy within the rules but that threatened the essence of raid, Sara was strong and stood up to his rivals, getting the highest score in the last three stages. It was not enough to end their rivals, but to stay on the podium and go home with a third place overall and winning in females.

Sara García: “A hard raid, having to fight with the strategy of the top two, therefore difficult to surpass, addition of small failures I had in the third stage, los cuales tenemos que pulir. Lo que está claro, is that in the next issue, if the organization does what it says and delivers the track and waypoits every morning before leaving, will be something else. Studies will avoid the area and win the race from home, instead of above dand the bike, cómo debería ser. On the other hand, I am very satisfied with my career, except the two stages that I had to follow the strategy of the head of the race to avoid being disengaged and lose the podium positions. Otherwise, I think I've done pretty good navigation, la cual hay que pulir y fijarnos más en los pequeños detalles que pueden costarnos la carrera. Esperemos el año que viene competir en igualdad de condiciones y poder optar al primer cajón del podio. Gracias a mis patrocinadores y a toda la gente que ha confiado en mí, all without, this would not have been impossible”.

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  1. Purificacion Alvarez

    Enhorabuena SARA has dejado a nuestro genero en buen lugar con tu esfuerzo,tu valor;y tus ganas de hacerlo bien has demostrado a los hombres que las mujeres también podemos estar
    también a su altura.FELICIDADES!!!!!!!!

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