Sara García finished sixth in Step 1 Vespa del Raid Morocco 2013

Sara García finaliza sexta en la Etapa 1 del Raid Vespa Maroc 2013

Zamora, punctured wheel included, finishes sixth overall and leader of females in the 1st stage of the Vespa Raid Maroc 2013.

The Vespa Raid Morocco 2013 was beginning in yesterday with up to twenty Wasp ready to sail wonderful landscapes.

The start was in order of dorsal, so Sara departed in 11th place. A course of about six and a half hours, comprising twenty waypoints. The first tranche was a bit complicated by the sand, but he reached the checkpoint in 3rd position after performing the obligatory half-hour, undertook gear again, This time the section was a bit more comfortable. Bad luck came in one of the waypoints where one of the wheels Wasp of Sara He pricked, luckily one of the participants helped and could reach target having completed nineteen of the twenty waypoints, which gave a 6th place overall and leadership in the female category.

Sara Garcia: At first very nervous and I felt somewhat clumsy in sandy areas, but thanks to the incredible work of Freddy Lorenzo, I managed to exceed all areas. I have not enjoyed the first installment, but gradually my confidence has increased and I finally have relaxed. In the second section, to reach one of the waypoints I punctured and after changing the wheel, I tried to start but the bike was drowned. Thanks to another participant, Ianonne the bike has started and I could end up getting nineteen waypoints, all but one, that I've ruled out because it was of little marks and was far. Currently very dissappointed.

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