Sara Coloret takes the victory in the National Cross Country

Sara Coloret se lleva la victoria en el nacional de Cross Country

The Cantabrian won the first race of the Cross Country Spain ahead of Laia Manté and Arantxa Belda.

Guadalajara was the venue chosen by the Real Spanish Federation of Motorcycling to open the season Spain Championship Cross Country.

A total of five female pilots took part in the race, Arantxa Belda, champions, in addition to Enduro Champion Spain 2014, Sandra Polo, Reserve Champion Enduro Spain, Sara COLORET, Reserve Champion Spain Motocross, Keep Laia, Enduro Champion de Catalunya and newcomer Alba Bernardus.

With this panorama an exciting race was expected, but Sara COLORET signed the victory with great authority and raised the first step of the podium accompanied by Keep Laia and Arantxa Belda. Sandra Polo and Alba Bernardus were fourth and fifth respectively.

Sara It has always been racing motocross, but had long wanted to try this mode, where it seems that nothing moves Cantabrian bad.

The next meeting will take place in Asturias next 22 March.

Sara COLORET: "I'm happy with the result, It is the first time I participate in this mode. The tour was quite long, spins around fifteen minutes and with very bumpy circuit that has made me feel very tired at the end. As for the race, I had a mishap at the output, but then I was gathering pace and I ended up doing a great career. We'll see how things are happening and if we can be in the next race ".

Female Motorcycle

Photos: RFME (podium); MC Alcarreño (females)

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