Sandra Jones ends a difficult race in Montmelo

Sandra Jones finaliza una complicada carrera en Montmeló

On day 19 June, tuvo lugar la 3a prueba de la Kawasaki Ninja Cup. This time, the Montmelo circuit was the scene of a very complicated weekend.

On Friday, the first free train, Sandra suffered a fall totally conditioned the weekend. The pilot without serious damage apparent, I wanted to continue the journey, but damage to the bike would not let us go to the second training, situation that went very unfavorable, since Sandra did not know the layout enough to face the race with guarantees.
Saturday dawned with great expectations, and having repaired the bike, Timed out to much work and little time, the first batch served us to check the bike failures were not naked eye. In the second timing, continued problems and our pilot was losing confidence, itself and on the bike, This circumstance made be placed at the last position on the grid, with a best lap 2’02 and very uncomfortable with the set-up of the bike.
Now located on grill, things did not improve, Sandra finished the race in the best way possible, ending at 18th position, and rolling back to lap faster to stop the clock on 2’01, tired, sore and fighting until the last lap to finish a race that was presented very complicated from the start. A pity, because on Friday I was riding very fast and the pilot showed excited both by plotting, run as close to home.
Thanks for your support, as of today we can say that the lack of resources is conditioning us too, although it is preferable that means missing lack talent! sooner or later the reward, Meanwhile we will persist with what we have.
Published 4/07/2011
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