Sandra Gómez Superenduro World Reserve Champion Female

Sandra Gómez Subcampeona del Mundo de Superenduro Femenino

Sandra Gómez Superenduro World Reserve Champion Female proclaims with a second place and victory in Helsinki.

This weekend was played in Helsinki final test Superenduro World Championship Women.

Our Spanish representative, Sandra Gómez, reached such highly motivated and willing to take the championship test, but afraid that his recent ankle injury (internal fissure, bone edema, sprain, inflammation) in the previous test will cost gold. True, the ankle will not cause discomfort, but it was not to 100% and that made that show cautious, besides being the whole month there between tests without getting on the bike.

Sandra started from second place. In the first race, Emma Bristow set the pace, English and had been very fast in timed sessions, and Sandra did not want to force, settling for second place and reserving for the next, where Cercedilla managed to win his first race on a colossal, leading from start to finish. A second place and a victory that proclaimed World Reserve Champion Female Superenduro. The title revalidated Emma Bristow.

Now Sandra already has his mind set on the Trial World Championship and seeks support to contest both the Endurocross as XGames.

Sandra Gómez: "I'm exhausted. During the last month I could train in a single day bike. In testing last test in Germany I hurt my ankle and I spent the entire month physio, swimming, fitness and a little bike. Sabía que esta situación me podía complicar el conseguir el campeonato. I have come to Finland with great desire and head for it. He was fast circuit was not very difficult but with many jumps steps. I, my ankle could not do so well or in the case of a double, he did not. In the race I left pretty, in the first final I tried to Emma was not, but I hooked a little and I could not with it. In the second end I left behind Jane, who has hooked a little on the trunks and then have spent. I went first without making mistakes to the finish. I think I never tired me so much, I have given my 200% and I am satisfied with the work done. I won my first race and I'm very happy. The championship has been close, but I'm not giving up, next year I come by it. Quiero dar gracias a toda la gente que me apoya, especially my parents to suffer with me last month and my physiotherapist, Miguel Angel Quiros, which has not been surrendered at any time ".

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