Sandra Gómez can be Superenduro World Champion Female

Sandra Gómez puede ser Campeona del Mundo de Superenduro Femenino

The Madrid could proclaim, this weekend, Superenduro World Champion Female in Finland.

This weekend eyes will be on the development of Sandra Gómez in the final round of Superenduro World Championship Female which takes place in Helsinki (Finland), Cercedilla since one could bring the title home. A title that has not yet reached any Spanish, because the championship is in its second edition.

Sandra Helsinki takes second in the standings and with clear options of clinching the title, since in the first test (The championship consists of two) he fell in training and played both rounds with a wounded ankle. Still he managed to climb to the second step of the podium and the fastest lap. Therefore, no doubt that, if Sandra is located 100% this weekend, you can get your first individual world title.

This Friday will address your dreams, so I wish you good luck, which is all you need, because otherwise he can do very well.

Sandra Gómez: "I'm a little nervous, only missing a few days and is normal at this time. I see myself with title chances and I think give everything to get it. I am in a good time and I am very motivated. I am currently second overall, in Germany I hurt my ankle and could not perform at 100%, so let's say save the race with two second places, so I think that, Finland, working well I can fulfill one of my dreams ".

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