Sandra Gomez gets the bronze at the World SuperEnduro

Sandra Gómez consigue el bronce en el Mundial de SuperEnduro

Madrid managed to grab the bronze, finishing second in the final round of World SuperEnduro, held in Tours. Además venció en Castellolí colocándose líder de la general en la primera prueba del Campeonato de España de Trial Femenino.

Last weekend was a challenge for Sandra Gómez. The pilot went to Tours to contest the final round of Mundial de SuperEnduro, where he won second place in a race apretadísima, an outcome that provided the bronze medal in his first world.

But that does not stop here, quickly after finishing, Madrid returned to Spain to play the first test Trail Spain Championship Women, test that despite the fatigue he took victory standing and overall leader.

Sandra Gómez: In Tours did a good start, I immediately put me first, but on reaching the sector logs and stones, I had some difficulties and have beaten me. The rest of the race I've been struggling with Jane Emma escaped while. Any of the three could have won, That was the most exciting championship something that motivated me very much. I am very happy with the result, I did not start off right at Liverpool and finally I managed to be third in my first year. Regarding the Championship of Spain was complicated, llegamos al paddock del Circuit de Castellolí a las 8h de la mañana tras recorrer 1000km. It has been one of the hardest-industrial to me, I was very tired. My arms ached and my legs were slowly. I had to give the 110% when in areas was reflected perhaps the 70%, but it certainly was worth. Start the year winning is great for me and for the team. Thank you very much to all the team, sponsors and especially my family who have made the marathon weekend.
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