Sandra D. Jones Cup champion Pirelli Superstock 2010

Sandra D. Jones campeona de la Copa Pirelli Superstock  2010

Sandra D. Jones was a naughty girl head brought their parents, every other, day did not come home with some scraped or a burn caused by their antics motorcycle. A Catalan was passionate about both bikes one day come to "steal" the bike of some friends of his parents, You can imagine the end of the story.

Sandra a sus treinta y dos años y con tan sólo dos en el mundo de la competición ha conseguido el subcampeonato de la Copa de Féminas (FCMM) and proclaimed champion of the Copa Pirelli Superstock Series of females in 2010.
When I won the Pirelli, I felt a great joy to know that 2011 I could go racing, since the prize was able to participate for free for the next season. When they give you something, is almost better than winning, at least for those who run in an unprofessional manner "
But that's just not what you value this auxiliary physiotherapy profession, Sandra is amazed at the amount of things you have learned in this period.
The pilot follows a strict training in combining the bicycle to gain strength and fitness to increase strength. This season he has managed to capture a supermotard with trying to go training 2 times per month.
Sandra works with the team Hiru Miratge, con quien este año repetirá en la Copa Pirelli Superstock con una Kawasaki ZX6R. The Catalan want to participate in another championship and therefore work hard to get some mechanical and economic independence, something difficult in this world.
This year the Pirelli Cup looks very interesting, there they will find Sandra, to defend the title, Noelia Lorenzo champions Cup Féminas of FCMM, which hit the championship triumphs and wanting Mar Acebes runner on Pirelli 2010 and third classified Féminas Cup, quien dará guerra a las actuales campeonas. Place your bets
Published 15/02/2011
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Photo: Nuria Martinez

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