Sally Halterman

Sally Halterman

In 1937 Sally Halterman records entered history as the first woman to get a motorcycle license.

Although it is satisfied that since the early twentieth century, women began to enjoy the use of the motorcycle, there was no legality until the arrival of the small Sally.

The American climbed for the first time on a bike for the year 1928, at which time tried to get license, but excuses accumulated. First came the age and after the main reason that claimed the organization responsible for issuing licenses, were weight 39kg and 1.50m in Halterman. Things like if not even five feet tall are! are those that had to hear for almost 10 years until, the 15 September 1937 Washington, got the coveted license.

That day, Sally Halterman, tired of the continuous objections by the official responsible for issuing licenses, He came accompanied by his lawyer. Apparently, The examiner then climbed on the bike to assess the candidate, something that flatly refused this, in no way going to accept hop on a motorcycle ridden by a woman. It was then suggested that counsel was limited to observing piloting Sally. Came his chance, but despite having made a perfect exam, that his conduct is defined and balanced knowledge he had of his bike was valued, resurfaced a new excuse. The officer claimed he had not seen Sally start your bike and thinking that a woman so small could not exert the necessary force, was astonished when Sally without thinking twice and easily set in motion his Harley of only a kick.

That was how Sally Halterman getting the license and became the first woman to be licensed motorcycle. Nothing else get joined the D.C Motorcycle Club, being the only woman who took part in those times.

A rebellious woman, courageous and independent, unafraid to fight for their rights and the strength to persist in pursuing your dreams, certainly an icon for women and motorcycle world.

Female Motorcycle

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