Rosa Romero lives an authentic odyssey in the first stage of the Dakar marathon 2014

Rosa Romero vive una auténtica odisea en la primera etapa maratón del Dakar 2014

The pilot Sicart Team had to spend the night outdoors with his backpacking Alberto Salido and five other runners, after being deflected by the organization towards a very dangerous area. Rosa ha necesitado oxígeno por la altura y ha llegado justo a tiempo de tomar la salida de la cuarta etapa.

Rosa Romero it's been a real ordeal for the third stage of Dakar 2014, held between Argentine cities of San Rafael and San Juan. The pilot Sicart Team He wins to reach the goal in this first stage marathon for bikes in this issue, which has elapsed the slopes of Aconcagua, reaching 4.300 meters.

Already with the first rays of the sun and always with his faithful squire Alberto Salido, Rosa Romero reemprendía la marcha y conseguía llegar al campamento con el tiempo justo para tomar la salida de la cuarta etapa entre San Juan y Chilecito, with 352 competitive kilometers.

Rosa Romero: I've had really bad and I'm tired, pero he llegado que es lo único que cuenta y tengo fuerzas para seguir adelante. A falta de pocos kilómetros para acabar la especial, the organization has diverted us an alternative route to save very large increases in the final part. Shortly after, the way point told us that we should descend very dangerous precipices where many drivers were injured. It was a chaotic day, very risky and, when it has done at night, prudence we decided to stop and wait at dawn, acampando en un cañón sin salida. He pasado frío, they had to give me oxygen height and I barely slept, but I am proud to have come this far and I look strong enough to finish this marathon stage. The bike works well and I have not noticed any pain in my left wrist that I had an operation recently.

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