Rosa Romero wins positions in the Dakar

Rosa Romero gana posiciones en el Dakar

The pilot Sicart Team 'survives' the grueling start of this year and was able to take off the fifth stage. Rosa figura la 113ª de la general de dos ruedas, where they have already left 56 Runners.

Rosa Romero is showing tremendous physical and mental strength in his third assault to Dakar. The pilot Sicart Team It has withstood the grueling start of this edition 2014 and now faces the fifth stage from 113th place overall motorcycle. In the fourth disputed, between San Juan and Chilecito, with 352 competitive kilometers, Barcelona invested almost 9 and half hours race.

This amateur pilot is living the least expensive and most ruthless kind of Dakar. Compete in the company of Alberto Salido, both to handle paths Yamaha WR 450F. Far from seeking the glory of victory, all he seeks Rosa Romero is finishing his first Dakar, after being forced to leave in the two previous attempts.

Currently, the pilot Sicart Team It is on track, after passing the grueling stages 3 and 4 which have claimed more than 50 dropouts among participants in moto. And that Rosa had to spend Tuesday night in the open and needed oxygen to support altitude (over 4.000 meters). But hours later and got almost no sleep exit Wednesday by a whisker, to reach the camp minutes before the start.

Nonetheless, she was able to take another 'beating' on his bike to mark a record at the end of the fourth stage of 9h 29'45 "that gave the 108th position of the day and allows you to climb to the 113th of the provisional general, with an accumulated time of 46h 52'37 ". That is secondary to Rosa, since the only thing I think is to get each night to camp to get a little closer to the culmination of his dream: be the day 18 in the line of Valparaiso (Chile).

Today, pilot Vision Advisors Sicart Team very tired faces, but with a moral iron, the 527 and other special kilometers 231 liaison with his faithful squire Alberto Salido and the desire to get as soon as possible to camp Tucumán, donde motos y coches volverán a coincidir.

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