Filming in circuit has made it more responsible road

Rodar en circuito ha hecho que sea más responsable en carretera

Sonia little over two years ago which premiered for the first time in a circuit.

“I took a friend after much prodding to try it. I looked at the circuit too complicated for my experience, just thought, me of a matar, I spend more than 200km / h, I will clog, I am slow and so many more”

Fue en el circuito de Montmelo, big, a Ducati Monster 600. His nerves were skin deep, trembled and felt twinges in the stomach.

Llegó el momento de salir a pista y la emotion me invadió, It was like when you kiss with fifteen years that boy that you like”

Sonia was ready to start his new adventure. Under the eyes of other drivers, all male, she waited for the light to turn off.

Once on track, rolled a few laps followed by his friend, something that made her nervous, but it is the best way to know what your mistakes and try to correct. After, This happened in front to give wheel and fix your attention on how to draw the curves. At the end of the batch, his friend told him he was very slow and very straight on the bike. Lo normal para una beginner.

“In the second round I felt more comfortable, already beginning to pay more attention to my line, kept going slow, but I was happy, me estaba diviertiendo y ya en la última tanda sentí que el spirit circuitero se había apoderado de mí

It was completely duped by this world, not only by how well it happened but everything around this environment. In track he was respected, besides lots of advice he received from other drivers.

Mora d’Ebro sería su siguiente circuito, there given the characteristics of the track, could improve their technique. En el tercer circuito y enganchadísima a la vida circuitera, fue donde se dio cuenta que su vieja Ducati no le servía. The wind annoyed her and past the 120km / h the bike was moving everywhere.

Actualmente es propietaria de una Suzuki GSXR 600cc. Las diferencias que Sonia destaca son el giro de manillar y la resistencia al aire. “With the change all been advantages”, I commented. She is very happy with his new bike, believes it is the bike you need at this point in his life.

“Choose your bike is like looking for a pair of perfect dance, your movements have to be yours and yours do yours”

Sonia no hesitation in recommending practical circuit, to learn, para probar tus odds y conocer tus limitations con tu moto, since security it offers is incomparable to the road.

Mi forma de conducir en carretera cambió considerably, oddly enough, roll circuit has made it more responsible road”

The circuits are highly recommended and instructions, no sólo are para esa gente descerebrada con la que por desgracia, relates speed.

Published 9/01/2011

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