Rocio Gomez podium at Motorland

Rocío Gómez sube al podio en Motorland

The Andalusian, He managed to grab the third step of the podium in race, in the second he left for mechanical problems.

Motorland has been responsible for hosting the eighth test Cradle of Champions. A total of 20 pilots were grilled, half belonging to the birthplace of Champions.

Rocio Gomez sand classified in seventh grill, fourth of the Cradle. By giving off the first round, Pilot won a place. Gradually was picking head group, but the regularity and falls that occurred in the leading group led Rocío to cross the finish line, third of the Cradle, fourth overall.

The unlucky not allowed to finalize the second round and played only two turns, some problems with the carburetor let her out of the race.

The next appointment will be the Dew 4 August in Campillos.

Published 23/07/2013

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