We review the Dakar with Rosa Romero

Repasamos el Dakar con Rosa Romero

In the last edition of the Dakar, did closely monitor the participation of Rosa Romero, who after a grueling stages had to abandon due to mechanical problems. We spoke with Rosa and told us firsthand how was this odyssey.

MF: This is the third Dakar in which you participate, What has been the hardest for you?

Rosa Romero: Every year is tough and everyone differently. Sometimes the hardness depends on the circumstances, maybe a theoretically easy step you somehow complicated and can be hard. No Dakar is easy, but I think the latter has been hard, yes it is true.

MF: This edition, in the third stage the organization decides to mislead you with other pilots. Was understandable?

Rosa Romero: The problem was that we got to a hill where many top riders and had difficulty climbing and after several attempts the land was impracticable. Then they steered us, People had initially indicating the deviation, but after no longer. Upon reaching the 800 meters from where we were suppose the waypoint, GPS arrow opened indicating the direction to follow. That was my mistake, I followed the direction of the arrow and took us to the other side of the mountain, falling by a sort of precipice, and so it was not possible to turn around and go back.

MF: This forced you to sleep outdoors, At what time you decide to take this decision?

Rosa Romero: When attempting to leave the mountain where we were stuck begin to find people who were in the same situation and together we seek an outlet. But the only way forward was to take the bed of a dry river to get to this there was another precipice of a 15 meters. The organization told us that this was the right direction, they looked at maps, but saw the gap. Time was running and was very dangerous to try something. Another was a fellow pilots trapped in Quad, Camellia, I know that has great experience in Rally. He said it was better to try overnight and try your luck the next day, or leave and call the helicopter. I was clear and she also. I was relieved that she was there.

MF: ¿Podrías describir con palabras cómo pasaste esa noche?

Rosa Romero: There were seven in total, so we made a circle with motorbikes and quads so that we will safeguard some. I covered myself with the thermal blanket that we as a survival kit, but I could not stop shaking, windy and cold, we were 4.000 meters. Los esfuerzos físicos se notaban mucho. It was the longest night to remember.

MF: Amaneció y tuviste que enfrentarte a otra dura etapa, Were you physically and psychologically prepared?

Rosa Romero: After a long wait, finally dawned. El problema era encontrar el camino y llegar antes de las 11:00h in the morning to the output stage, and no, we were out of the race. The organization was very kind with us, came a helicopter to the 6:00h, and let us water and some food, I needed it because we had many hours without barely eat, I think that gave me strength to continue. Took 5 hours out of there, was not easy as there was no way and had to go dodging all sorts of difficulties, but we got it. We arrived and ate a pasta dish. The commissioners who were waiting at the exit encouraged us, They helped in everything they could to make the race retomásemos. Estaba emocionada ya que lo vi perdido y de repente estaba aún en carrera. Enlace y especial, I came back to finish night, filmed with Camelia told me to go together that day and found it smarter, and another link to get to the 00:00h to camp. We slept three hours and continue.

MF: After all suffered at earlier stages, comes the fifth and suffer mechanical failure on the bike At what point are you aware that the Dakar is over?

Rosa Romero: The problem is that my bike was not working well, but late in the previous stage we could not do anything, the idea was to get to the rest day and then open engine and fix my change. With what we had to overcome that day and the next. But that day was hell, the unbearable heat. You had to calculate every move very well and it was very easy to get dehydrated. It was impossible to move forward with my bike, end up a car and wanted to help bring my bike a bit later, pero aún así no lo conseguimos. Lo bueno dentro de lo malo, fellowship is showing other participants, There are amazing people. My partner was taken away by helicopter, He was exhausted, and I stayed with a bike that did not work, so that was the end

MF: Al averiarse la moto, had to be rescued by helicopter, What is going through your mind while you were in flight?

Rosa Romero: At first I drew special in a car press was there, not being wound was not a priority for the helicopter. So I went along with them and rescuing people dehydrated by road, It was a bleak picture. At the end with the last rescue we attended was a square and offered up. I felt bad because at least you drive along the stage was as if he were still a little race., but I agreed and there I was with two companions more. We were three bereaved. The view from the air was terrible, burned vehicles, abandoned .... I finally realized I had to be content that was fine physically, and had fought to the end and so was the Dakar

MF: The same day he had to leave the Dakar, you marido Nani Roma, triumphed in the car category with a victory, mixed emotions. The result was a bittersweet?

Rosa Romero: It took me a day to get to camp, so it was not very aware of everything. They offered me to stay and follow the Dakar, así que pensé que era una privilegiada. Me dediqué a seguir a Nani, see bikes in the Bivouac to check what other riders wore, y a estudiar cómo podía intentar volver otro año y mejorar. Aprendí mucho y vi mucho.

MF: Are you recovered all experienced?

Rosa Romero: I lived a great experience, but I could not finish, was all very intense. Sometimes you do not know how far you can get and that situations can withstand. I could see that I'm stronger than I imagined, especially mentally.

MF: ¿Es pronto para saber si participarás en el Dakar 2015?

Rosa Romero: It is too soon to know if I'll have the budget to do, but already launched a new project, pilot with a huge, that excited me much. We are working on the bike to be ideal for me, Light, reliable and which will prepare the season well disputing other Raids.

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