Comeback and win Laia Sanz in Sweden

Remontada y victoria de Laia Sanz en Suecia

Ha tenido que sobreponerse a dos caídas al inicio de la carrera y al cansancio para imponerse a sus rivales en la primera manga del fin de semana. The pilot increases KH-7 15 points his lead in the World.

Further step of Laia Sanz on his way to his third world title of female enduro and sixteenth of his achievements. The team driver KH-7 He has regained his rival Jane Daniels in the first of two races Swedish Grand Prix specialty and accumulates five wins in a row this season. Sanz has brought him 1'36 "and 2'10 to the British" three classified, Australian Jessica Gardiner.

As in the Grand Prix of Finland, disputed last weekend, beat in Sweden has been a difficult task for Laia. The physical state after elbow surgery has returned to embarrass the pluricampeona, he has had to overcome after a very difficult race start in which he has suffered two crashes.

A mid-career, Sanz marching in second position behind Gardiner until the seventh stage has managed to reverse the situation and climb to leadership test. From then until the end, of Corbera de Llobregat no longer lost ground against rivals.

The win puts achieved now with 15 points lead in the championship over the British Jane Daniels, with three races still in play (one will be held tomorrow).

This Sunday the second sleeve is held Swedish Grand Prix Enduro.

Laia Sanz: The other girls every day are more and better and I currently am not one hundred percent, así que me está costando mucho superarlas. He empezado muy mal y el día se ha hecho largo, porque las especiales eran el doble de lo normal en algunos casos y bastante complicadas. Estoy muy contenta por el resultado porque hoy era importante ganar de cara a tratar de asegurar el título. The margin that I have now, although not large, gives me peace of mind because if I had an accident in one of the remaining tests could minimize damage“.

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