Racing Girls


Racing Girls is a group of girlfriends, one biker family who share the same hobby, Motorbike.

Its purpose is to gather all the biker girls nationwide and create a space where they feel comfortable and helped, since it is usually hard to find girls that share is hobby.

Girls Racing is the place where you can confirm that there is more biker girls. Find support for embarking on your wonderful experience of driving a motorcycle. You can ask mechanical or pilot style tips. Share news, ideas and opinions and most importantly, find the ideal place to find mates route, That is certainly what will change your life Racing Girls, share with your friends, your greatest passion. But let's not forget that it is a place designed for women, so you can not miss that feminine touch to exchange recipes, styling and other review.

Despite being a place created for women male registrations are also accepted, but they must meet very specific rules, in its Discover the wall must report their marital status, age, bike and a photo naked to be seen face, but really the most important rule is to respect each Racing Girls, the slightest rudeness may be grounds for a warning or even expulsion from the forum.

So if you're a girl and you love motorcycles, Girls do not hesitate Racing is your group, I'm already one.