Fifth pole for Sara Roman and difficult race in Castroponce

Quinta pole para Sara Román y complicada carrera en Castroponce

Romanian takes the no and after falling in the first round it complicates the day.

The fifth test Championship Castilian Leonés Minimotos this weekend was held in Castroponce.

Sara Romanian conseguía su fifth pole, Madrid has five five, I think the federation should weigh give a small prize, as this shows that manages to be the fastest.

In the first race, he fell back a little and gave his first lap in third position. He rolled entire career fighting with a group of four riders. With three laps to go, Sara earned him the position his predecessor and placed second, but the opponent was not satisfied and in an attempt to advance it knocked her down. He could get back on track with problems on his bike and some bruised, to finish in ninth place.

In the second race leader remained almost practically the first half of the race, until it was surpassed and came third, but nearing the end his bike diminished fall in the first round left her off the podium and crossed the finish line fifth.

His pace and not for next week faces the 3rd round of the Cup of Spain of Minivelocidad to be held in Karpetania.

Sara Romanian: I have nothing important, I'm just sore. Now I only think about the race this weekend. Spain Cup comes home and I really want to do well.

Published 15/07/2013

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