Want to win a cap signed by Maria Herrera?

¿Quieres ganar una gorra firmada por María Herrera?

Female Motorcycle cap can be yours and also signed by Maria Herrera, the woman who is writing history in the national scene.

Want to know how? Follow these steps.

1. You must be a follower of our Facebook page o wellMotociclismofem Twitter

2. Share on your wall photo where you found the bases of the draw or retweetea the tweet with the contest.

3. Users who participate in both social networks directly entered in a drawing for a cap signed by Elena Rosell

Bases of the draw.

– If the above requirements are not met will not be eligible for the prize

– The winner will be published next Sunday 01/12/2012

Los gastos de envío sólo quedan cubiertos para la Península, Balearic and Canary Islands

Female Motorcycle

3 Comments to Want to win a cap signed by Maria Herrera?

  1. Pacorro

    María eres formidable, sigue así que llegarás muy lejos.

  2. sergio

    maria enorabuena por tus logros en el cev lastima de la caida en jerez pero el proximo año gas a fondo y apor el cev
    un saludo maria

  3. Erika

    Maria has demostrado que eres una grandísima piloto, tenemos ganas de volver a verte en la pista!!!

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