Who is Alessia Polita?

¿Quién es Alessia Polita?

The Italian rider suffered yesterday in a serious accident at Misano Circuit, while training Superstock disputed 600 the fifth round of the Italian Speed ​​Championship. But who is Alessia Polita?

For a quick definition would, Italian Elena Rosell. The pilot has an extensive experience in the world of racing, through different categories, cups and championships.

It premiered in 2001, with a 125cc Aprilia Cup in Italian, where getting a twentieth position 80 participants.

In 2006 Reserve Champion Féminas proclaimed in Europe and Italy in the category of Supersotck 600. Two years later, in 2008 and 2009 Champion of Italy proclaimed Féminas.

From 2010 participates in the mixed category of Stock 600. Yesterday Alessia suffered a serious accident in the relevant training to the fifth round of the CIV. He fractured vertebra 12 with spinal cord injury. It has been operated, now it has lost mobility chest down and is in an induced coma. Diagnosis of time is reserved.

The published medical report is as follows:

He lost permanently mobility of the body from the chest down. Made to burst fracture of the twelfth thoracic vertebra, with spinal cord injury, remains in critical condition at the hospital Bufalini in Cesena.

Force Alessia!

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