I do not tell stories! We are many, Racing Girls

 ¡Qué no os cuenten cuentos! Somos muchas, Racing Girls

This weekend the Racing Girls in the area of ​​Catalonia celebrated their traditional paella not go unnoticed, as per usual.

For those who do not may know, Racing Girls is a biker family composed mostly of women nationwide. I say mostly because in spite of being created and designed for women, men are also present, but yes, they are those who wear the pants.

Six years ago there Racing Girls. The Catalan area has traditionally done an exclusively female annual hangout where the girls make a route with their bikes and they end up eating paella.

This year, the monument to Mazinguer-Z has been fortunate to receive a total of 53 women and 45 motorcycles.

The meeting point was Vilafranca del Penedes, where they arrived Racing Girls from various parts of Catalonia and even some of Murcia, that they could not resist the event. Easy walking path was raised due to the large attendance and the difference between attendees Driving. All organized properly, with prior notice to the Mossos d'Esquadra, the biker divided into groups and each group with a pair of guides and “broom” differentiated with a reflective vest. From the point of departure, be afraid Paso St Martin Sarroca-Torrelles-pontoons-Ranchos de Bonany-Santes Creus-Pont d'Armentera and the Plan de Santa Maria, where is the fun Mazinguer monument to Z, a very common site among Catalan bikers. A pity it is so let.

There was a small accident, in which one was somewhat bruised moteras. From here to wish a speedy recovery to especially congratulate Ana and Irene and Pili who blamed entirely on the situation, so that others could continue as planned.

From there path followed was the fate, Vilarodona scuba-Rodonyà-Juncosa Montmelo-Lawrence repent repent of bathtubs Arboç, crossing the famous Foix, before arriving at Vilanova, where they had a delicious paella.

Arriving at the restaurant, They did not go unnoticed, approaching people see plenty of bikes driven by girls, pictures and more pictures to something, that surely cease to be watchful, why, Do not you tell stories! we are becoming more.

Because I am Girl Racing, I was there in person. My congratulations to the organizers, You knew ye deal 45 Motorcycle as if made life hubieráis. As ever not met, It was great, welcoming new, encouraging novices and especially enjoying together what really unites us, MOTORBIKE.

Si eres chica y motera y buscas a otras con quien compartir tu afición es tu sitio, are in Spain.

Published 10/06/2013

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