Next station, Qatar

Próxima estación, Qatar

Ana Carrasco finished the preseason with notable progress on the RW Kalex KTM Racing.

There were four test that Mother has had to try to get his new bike. The preseason started in Almeria with a private test in Jerez and finished with test IRTA, which also previously held in that path and Valencia.

The wind was the star of the last test. On the first day Mother he felt awkward and did not get rolling at the same times that marked the previous disputed test in Jerez, stopping the clock at 1'49″1. On the second day the wind did not stop, but the pilot RW Racing began to find the feeling and lowered his time to 1'48″4 despite not contest the last session because of a broken chain. The last day of test scored a 1'47″5 time demonstrating progress and the great work they are doing Murcia with Kalex KTM, It has since been 1.3″ faster than last year.

Next Thursday 20 starts the World Cup in Qatar, barely a week to start the show.

Ana Carrasco: Yesterday and today I was close and I managed to lose 48″. Good thing it was not just a return but I have managed to maintain that pace for several turns. It's a good feeling to be quick and improving my own time, position in the table is slightly disappointing, pero estamos cerca la diferencia es pequeña. The team has worked hard to give me a good bike that I've gotten to feel comfortable, every time I know better Kalex KTM. With these results and the progress achieved Qatar confidently look.

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