Pilar Sobrino completes his first race

Pilar Sobrino finaliza su primera carrera

Pilar Sobrino is a lover of motorcycles since childhood, something that was innate, and not from biker family. Basque their 39 years and a mother of two girls, have been encouraged to compete. The brave participates in Navarro Speed ​​Championship, Championship season opened last weekend at the circuit of Alcaniz.

The pilot arrived at very nervous circuit, those nerves made him consider that question for sure we've all done someday, when we launched some new adventure “What do I do here?, What need I have?” y así con esos nervios estuvo hasta salir a los primeros cronometrados.

He got off the bike very happy and having enjoyed the track, marked a better time 2.28, quedando penúltima en el primer crono. -“I would've been great, I have wanted since the second lap”

In the second timing could not improve his time and I remain relegated to last place on the grid, nerves returned seize it.

Leaving the last to be grilled, at all times was accompanied by her husband, who showed him their full support continuously. The lights and just before the first corner turned off, in the eyes of Pilar, an accident occurred, something that left the pilot checked the whole race. Pilar ended in late position, but it was the first of females, because it was the only one present to career.

I enjoyed more in the timed, seeing the accident just outside, It has affected me greatly and I could not think of anything

From here, Biluka, we want to encourage and support you, are things racing, sure in Los Arcos, everything is much better. Brave mood!!

Published 01/05/2011


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