Paqui Herraez and Rocio Gomez, female first double of the history of the Cradle of Champions

Paqui Herraez y Rocío Gómez, primer doblete femenino de la historia de la Cuna de Campeones

The 9 June 2013, Paqui Herraez sign a second place and third Rocio Gomez, This formed the first women's double was achieved in the history of the Cradle of Champions.

The Circuit de Cartaya was responsible for hosting the fifth round of the Cradle of Champions. In minimotos, a grill consisting of a total of twenty pilot, eight of which belonged to the championship.

Paqui Herraez started from seventh place overall, third of the crib. In the first race he lost some place overall but remained in third place in its category. That's where he remained throughout the race fighting because it is not snatched away. Finally managed to finish second as the driver in front of him was disqualified.

For the second run, It was complicated a little thing. Everything was played on Saturday, Free, chronos and both races, fatigue took its toll in the Valencian and though fought until the end, had to settle for fifth place.

Paqui start collecting cups, care is eager to fight.

Rocio Gomez took sixth place on the grid for the crib Champions, the twelfth general. At the output of both the first and the second sleeve, dew recovering positions and placed fourth, but a pilot of territorial championship which shared grill made her cap and it was impossible to reach Paqui who first rolled third. So with the declassification discussed above, se colocaba tercera y conseguía su primer podio.

In the second race the Andalusian had no luck and just three laps elapsed, his bike was stopped by carburetor malfunction.

You're two girls have achieved the first female doublet history Cradle of Champions.

Published 10/06/2013

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A Rocío we have this weekend in Karpetania and Paqui have to wait until 7 July to see her back in action.

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