Paqui Herráez repeated podium

Paqui Herráez repite podio

Paqui gets a third place in the second round of the Cradle of Champions.

Last weekend Paqui Herraez his second race of the Cradle of Champions faced, which was held at the Circuit Renn Arena.

Valencia started from sixth on the grid, in the first race he lost a position soon recovered. The rest of the race had to fight to keep his position.

In the second race, also struggled to stay sixth but mid-career was advanced.

En la carrera participaban pilotos invitados que no puntuaban para el campeonato, but climbed the podium. So Paqui final positions for the championship are third for the first race and fourth for the second.

No doubt this little one is going to make difficult the other drivers.

Published 16/04/2013

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