Paquita Ruiz 80cc Champion proclaimed in the Balearic Championship

Paquita Ruiz se proclama Campeona de 80cc en el Campeonato Balear

Paquita Ruiz began the season fighting for one of the places woodcock to participate in the Cradle of Champions. The Spaniard who had never ridden a 125cc managed to grab a half-scholarship, thus was registered in both championships, Cradle of Champions and the Balearic with 80cc.

It has been a very difficult year for this young fourteen, in which he had personal problems and economic, why I had to stop participating in the Cradle of Champions. If racing is expensive for any driver, Paquita is twice while living on an island, so focused on the Balearic Championship.

This championship consists of six races two races each. The rider on the podium in every race, top four, six seconds and two third, a total of 250 points.

Today has won the title in a race in which only enough for him to score. It was wet race so the Spaniard did not want to risk and has complied with the third step of the podium in both races.

Paquita is the only girl who has participated in a championship Balearic speed, It has now become the first woman to win. The pilot has given this title to his colleague and friend, Quijada Nofra pilot died about three months ago in a motorcycle accident.

We offer our congratulations to Paquita, is a well-deserved title of which we hope will benefit.

Published 20/11/2011

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