Pakita Ruiz, First Champion of Spain Stock 600

Pakita Ruiz, Primera Campeona de España Stock 600


The exiled queen takes the title in the first edition of the Cup of Spain Women's Speed.

Campeona-España-Velocidad-2015-Pakita-RuizSurely you've laid hands on your head or face is a poem after reading the previous sentence, but yes, so is, Pakita Ruiz It is an exiled queen.

Back in the 2010, early 2011, Please was one of the few riders speed we could speak from Female Motorcycle. The Balearic at that time and stood on the island and was trying to gain a foothold in the Cradle of Champions. We all know how costly this sport can you imagine what can be to live on an island and have to come to the mainland every few minutes, with all the material!!!??. Well there came, I've wanted to call affectionately exile. Lack of financial resources led to Please to stay on his island, participating with a scooter in the Balearic Championship and there, without making noise, rolling and spinning, It was proclaimed champion and runner-up in virtually all categories and for having, but then a girl win a scooter is not important. This year has been the title Balearic champion in Supersport 600 where, of course, I was the only girl, to, I know, but you might think ..., What level can be in Baleares?, I'll be honest, I thought so too until Mallorca, by title under his arm and his Yamaha R6 he stood in the Cup Women Spain Speed, to mark the pole, make a first bright sleeve, demonstrate a great experience to take it slow in the second set and make history as the first proclaiming Speed ​​champion Spain Stock600. A young man who has proven not only on their island queen, It is also reigns in Spain.

Subcampeona-España-Velocidad-2015-Andrea-SibajaWith respect to other participants, I want to emphasize that they were also predestined to assume the crown, the Runners-up Spain, Andrea Sibaja, who after winning the third step of the podium and falling Laura Martinez in the second round, it was the only rival Please. The Andalusian did what he had to do. After finishing third in the first race, his only chance was to win the second and await the outcome of Please, and he did, or wet asphalt, or clutch his Kawasaki were drawbacks to Cordoba delight us with his driving and entered the finish line first.

Copa-España-Femenina-2015-Carrera1Another of the candidates for the title was Laura Martinez. In the first race he managed a fantastic second place, a position that proclaimed as the most direct rival Please, but in the next ... Laura, Laura, Laura, head against the wall gave me when he suddenly appeared in red on the clock on line and began to fall on the table, not because he wanted to take the title (as my candidates were several, It is what you have to have the heart departed ', decide that costs) if not for the missed opportunity, but as we all know motorcycling.

Copa-España-Femenina-2015-Carrera2And last but not least, Noelia Keys, who did not enter my title chances, but I knew I could do well and not disappoint Catalan classified me in third position having achieved a podium finish in the second race.

Comentar que fue extraordinario ver de nuevo en parrilla a Dolores Ros and Ana Belén Mulero.

CATEGORY Stock 1000, I can only say, with all due respect for the two participants, I found absurd. Give it a title Champion of Spain someone who has no opponent is almost like paying for title. I know for a fact that Cristina Juarranz, who was predestined to such a title, He was trying to grab a last minute 600cc to fight a real grill on an equal footing, but could not be, igual que tampoco pudo ser el título, since a fall left him without him, giving the title to Mary Barber, last classified and who disputed a race for the first time.

Of course it has merit participating, but ladies and gentlemen, especially ladies, in Stock 600 the title has cost experience, I work, and struggle and overcoming Stock 1000 just give laps, It sounds ugly, ugly.

And I can only congratulate the Federation and its Committee, the development of career Stock 600, which he has given the opportunity to show off our pilots and even many first heard their names. Greatly desire that the budget 2016 is spent on helping those that are already pilots actions how are you or the Motorcycle Hall and leave a little outside the Campus, if what is sought is to promote motorcycling among females, I might have to do it from the base. There you have it!

Congratulations to all!You are a brave!

Naomi Rabbit

Photos: RFME

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